Team colleagues working since their establishment, a comfortable environment, having fun, passion for business, producing, discovering, new goals; working in a workplace, changing his life ... Man's search for work throughout his life has been frequently. One of the main concerns is that even though it doesn't make any visible money, it's also inside; being happy wants to know and complete itself. Not knowing what you want, not finding what you are looking for is a process that pains people. As Bilgeweb, we live and reflect ü value culture, in and out of the company in order to reverse this uncertain process and to be happy at the workplace where it will spend most of its life. If you think that you can work with pleasure and add value, you can contact us by clicking the "Apply Now" button.

Lets make your career plans grow together

Let your career plans grow together

In a company that has a history of 10 years and almost team members who have been working since its foundation, isn't there a continuity in your opinion? How can a company provide it? In short, if we tell our working environment, you can get an idea.

At 9 in the morning; you can start your day by taking your tea or coffee directly; you can talk to your business owner as a friend and tell your ideas; a mentor where you can explain your distress and problem; you can determine the way you do your day, the way you do business, within the framework of the company "value" culture; you laugh, have fun, together you can eat home meals; a place where you can produce a target for yourself. In short, for people working on Bilgeweb this is not just a place of work, but a second address that changes your "way of life".

If you believe that you have a, passion and enthusiasm bil for working with us within the following criteria, and that you can sustain it even if it is not a moment of enthusiasm, but after you have been accepted to work, we do not expect much from you. I started a job to say that my life has changed; Welcome to call :)

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