Google Ads

Let's say you work with an agency to advertise in Google, how can you measure the efficiency of your budget? Can you get a return despite abnormal budgets spent? Can you track where your budget was spent; where, how, and how many clicks? If you want a transparent campaign and effective budget management, please contact us from the "Contact Now" button below.

Google'da reklam mı vermek istiyorsunuz?

Get on the Top with Google Ads

First, we did something that was not done in our country; transparency. Yes, maybe this is not a very cute event for the companies. Figures, analyzes, processes are all clear. All advertising processes that need to be kept confidential, is like non-written rules.

Transparency is a very bright word, but how do we get it? We provide transparency  with a panel that we wrote and still developing. With this panel, we've simplified Google's frightening advertising panel. We are serving as a Google Partner in Bilgeweb Ankara and officially a Google Advertising Agency.

With Bilgeweb, you can benefit from Web Design Campaigns to have SEO and Mobile Compatible Web Sites by targeting the summit in Google ads.

You can create your customer portfolio with the right target strategy with Youtube Ads in accordance with Google Ads. In other words, this is the use of Youtube video ads in a reasonable manner with the most reasonable strategy.

Ege Bölgesi kapsamında Bodrum, Fethiye, Aydın, Manisa ve çevresinde yürüttüğümüz Google ve Sosyal medya reklam çalışmalarımız için daha detaylı bilgiye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.

Advertise on Google, Now!


By filtering your cost-per-click (CPC), you'll see how, who, how much you are clicked.


You will be able to change, add, subtract the keywords and stop ad campaigns.


From instant reporting; you will understand what words work  for you and develop new advertising strategies.


You can measure the budget efficiency by seeing the budget you spent in the past and proportioning it with the return figures.


You can make a full accounting by seeing what methods and how much you're paying.


Place, language, time schedules can be seen (Publication method, targeting, bid strategy, daily budget).

Why Advertisement?

How much you work, you will gain as the amount for your work. or we changed that promise a bit;how much advertisement, you will gain as the amount of your ads.  Think about a good advertisement; In a main street where many people can easily see it, it will be remarkable, impressive and catchy, and in addition to this, it will have a low cost of purchase.

When it is about internet advertising, the most perfect choice is the undisputedly “Google Ads”.  As having all of the features above, has billions of users worldwide, transparent, high performance, measurable, budget-controllable system, and perhaps one of its most important features, it only makes its pricing when it reaches its target audience, making Google Ads perfectly unquestionable. Within 15 minutes,  you can make your ad reach to billions of people. We are sure that there are more and more reasons why Google Ads is perfect.

To see the superior performance of Google Advertising in your own ad campaign, just contact with Bilgeweb whichs  serves with Adwords Certified Advertising Professionals who know the Google Advertising System very well.