Google Display Ads

Wouldn't you like to see your message by advertising on a lot of websites? It is one of the types of advertisements that are often overlooked and not offered. Contact us on the "Contact Now" button below to find out about design, budget, perfect locations and many other details.

Display Ad: Reach Your Goal with the Right Strategy

If you have something in mind or you want to search for something in google, you'll see advertising tapes that close to what you're thinking of. That's what we call Google display. "How is this ad being issued?" Let us briefly explain how we do when you work with us as Bilgeweb advertising agency:

First of all, it is decided which size and pixel size of the ad band will be made.

A design is created for the type of message.

Targeting is made on location, population and web sites.

Once you've identified your audience, you'll be presented to Google for approval, and then your ad will start.

The Truth of Re- Marketing!

When you search on Google, you leave traces. When someone enter your website and left a trace, it is no longer possible to get rid of your ads by 30-120 days. So this method gives you the chance to track the the customer who wants to buy the product or service. The perception of the business is also very large: The customer (who is already inclined to buy) can buy your product without the need to think about it when it is exposed to your ad anywhere. We have good news for you. When you match the word-based ads with the Re-marketing ad model, you can keep track of your customers with more effective and more affordable costs. If you want to take advantage of this attractive and not known advertising model, please fill out the short form on the right and send it to us.

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