Google Map Registration

People just don't get lost on the road. They may also be lost when searching on Google, they may not know what they are looking for, and may ask for advice. Now everything is so easy because there is a Google map record. Please contact the "Apply Now" button below to increase your company's prestige and easily locate your address in Google.


There are full of people who want to solve problems  without visiting websites . Obviously, the shortest way to attract these people is the map and the comments below them(On the right, you can see  the current map record for our company).  You can lose many of your potential customers unless your map is not professional. Google map registration is an area that is easy to see, so needs to be meticulously processed. To do this professionally, fill out the form below and we will contact you. You can increase your availability by registering Google Map.

Fill in the form, We will contact you!

A one-time service fee of 250$ is charged for companies.**

Be Findable with Google Map

Upon your request, your company information will be registrated by us. Then a code will be sent to your address by mail. It can take about 1-2 weeks to reach this designated code.

When you get the code, we will enter code to  the infrastructure of Google again and complete your registration.

Google is waiting for this process for 1-2 weeks, but when you do your job well, you will receive the return of the positive customers.