Google Merchant

Although it is a kind of advertisement which should be used widely by the companies operating e-commerce stores, the products determined in this advertising model which are not offered by the agencies. You can add title, picture, promotional messages and the name of your business. To have an idea about the products and services of your business without visiting your e-commerce system, please click the "Apply Now" button below.

Google Merchant

There are many ways to sell products in e-commerce systems. Google merchant is shortest way to advertise. It's nice to advertise, but what if your customers are shopping for thousands of ecommerce sites based on just the price. Solution, Merchant advertising.

What is Merchant Advertising?

Unlike other types of ads, Merchant ad settings require more precision. It is necessary to scrutinize for matching and productivity. Although it is a complex structure, let us briefly summarize how processes go when you work with Bilgeweb so that you don't have a question mark:

  • The search volume of the products in your industry is searched by Google's volume and ad return.
  • Specified products and visuals, online, local etc. sub-settings are selected.
  • Publication time, population, location etc. search options are customized.
  • With instant reporting; You will be able to see who, where, how, and how you have visited and clicked.

Hot Sale

The search volume of products to be sold in your industry, search volume on Google and ad return analysis are performed.

Promote Your Products

Specified products and visuals online, local etc. sub-settings are selected.

Benefits of Merchant Ads

Merchant ads, as we mentioned above, are not a very prominent type of advertising in e-commerce systems. Merchant is one of the reasons why we are making room for advertising type; e-commerce is the most useful type of advertising. Here's a brief summary of the benefits of Merchant advertising:

More traffic, more sales: Especially when combined with word-based ads (CPCs),  product's photo shows its price and customized form without visiting the e-commerce system, and just below it, the word-based ad (CPC) link will appear for triggering sale.

More productive and possible sales chances: With the side-by-side and bottom-up elements that make decision-making easier for shopping, it creates a facilitating effect by acquiring confidence.

More value-added sales: Since customers can easily answer many questions in a single area without confusing minds, your brand perception rises and your value-added sales are increased (especially if you offer a price advantage over your competitors).

Broader access: Multiple Merchant Ad may appear for a single customer call. In addition, Merchant ad and word-based advertising can be viewed simultaneously when they are matched. This means that you can double your access to users in a single search.

What You Should Know About Merchant Advertising

Google ad model in a small squares that shows a photo and price. It is based on visuals.

Your products that are selling in your trading system are not only word-based, but will be exhibited visually. They work by critically identifying the designated product or product groups.

Yes, you can. With small regulations, you are done!!

No, you can give your bids both automatic and manual.


The search options are customized and determined as publication time, population, location etc.


With instant reporting; Who, where, how, how much you have visited and clicked can be seen.