Mobile Web Design

The rate of mobile access to internet is 70% in Turkey. One of the basic prejudices of companies not taking part in this high customer potential is that they are expensive. Please contact us by clicking the "Apply Now" button below to destroy the existing "mobile website is expensive" image and access this high potential with convenient and stylish designs.

Get Your Top Ranks in Natural Search Results in Mobile

In 2015, Google made a benchmark change for the first time since its presence. Now, existing systems must be mobile user-friendly. While many e-commerce and media companies in the world don't take this change seriously, we don't expect Google to suffer those who don't comply with these criteria. Let's briefly summarize how processes work when you work with Bilgeweb to keep your business on the go.

Web Design Works on Mobile.

* First, we start to work with designs that are appropriate to the lines of your current corporate mobile website.

* The interface part is designed and presented to you as a demo.

* The infrastructure of your mobile web design is matched with the infrastructure code quality of your existing website.

* After the necessary placement and tests are done, it comes in working condition.

  • Don't lose potential customers

    You will have the appropriate infrastructure to reach the 70% potential.

  • New Generation And Faster

    Now you will have a faster and new generation design.

  • User -Friendly Design

    For those who have an e-commerce system, you will have user-friendly designs.

  • Minimal Designs

    You'll have a stylish, handy and minimal design.

  • Be Accessible in Every Environment

    You will be accessible by the portable devices at any time.

  • Continuous Communication

    With instant messages, you will be in constant communication with customers.

Let's Get Started

There is a lot of information in the world of mobile-related web. On this page we tried to summarize it. But if your head is still complicated,

*to reach 70% of customers

*to make your message accessible at any time

Please click the "Apply Now" button and fill in the required places, we will contact you immediately.


If you want an official platform where you can find out whether your website is mobile compatible, you can click on the "mobile compatibility test" link below.


Click on Google's "mobile compatibility test" link.

Follow Steps

In the "Enter URL to test" section, enter your domain name.

Reach Your Objectives

Just click on the "Run test" button and see the result.