Web Design

Websites are sometimes very complex and dysfunctional. Anyone who visits existing websites can find cluttered stack of information. Clicking on the buttons and links to go to the places we want to go, causes the end of the rope escaping thoroughly. A visit to websites with a lot of effort can cause visitors to leave the system; all your investments can go wasted. If you want to have a simple, functional, 100% SEO and mobile compatible web site, please contact us.

Go ahead of your competitors with SEO and Mobile Compatible Web Design

What is usually expected from a website?

The colors are compatible with each other, visual layouts are completed, buttons are functional and directing  to the specified address, descriptive headers are  briefly simple and functional, is not it? What about your website? Or do you have a website? If you are planning to build a new website, how will you separate a quality agency from the poor quality one? Let us briefly summarize how processes work when you work with Bilgeweb (for the first time or again) to do web design:

    Firstly, by doing sectoral research, we control what your competitors are doing.

   The main headings and in-site placements for your company's vision and goals are determined.

   The main color and variations are designed in accordance with the specified criteria.

   The content is entered and completed in the respective fields of the website and presented as a demo.

   After the demo is approved, your website will be activated as soon as possible.

6 Benefits of Making Your Web Site

  • Be Visible Everywhere.

    Searchers will not only find you in a physical, also in online.

  • Move ahead of your opponents.

    Always be at the top of the searched words. Get ahead of your opponents.

  • Don't just advertise.

    Use the infrastructure. Get on top naturally.

  • Make Your Brand Perceived.

    On your website, make the most of your company and give your message to everyone.

  • Be Easily Found.

    If they want to find your company, let them easily find you by the map on your website.

  • Make them hear you everywhere

    Make your company visible at home and abroad.

Our Difference in Web Site

Analyzing sectoral differences.

We do not feed on only one channel; We start by doing competitiveness and market analysis.

Communicating face to face.

You dont only speak with the unknown voice on the phone, also we do business by keeping it face to face.

Giving sectoral practical ideas.

We offer the advantage of our vast experience by working with various sectors and summarizing them with practical info.

There is always a contact.

When you call our agency for a problem, you will always find a consultant.

Establishing simple and functional systems.

When building your website, we build the system not only for our own, but also with customer and user-oriented thinking.

Understanding what you want.

We will listen to you carefully and understand the logic of your system to make the remaining processes faster.