Yandex Ads

Why don't companies choose Yandex advertising? Because they ignored the advertising potential of Yandex. However, it is easy to advertise with low fees in Yandex. Usually there is a relentless race to be on top of other search engines. After a while, this race will return to the form of auction; your cost per word may increase abnormally. If you want to be in Yandex ads with reasonable budgets to reach a certain volume, please contact us by clicking "Apply Now" button below.

Be Visible in Yandex Search Engine


Sometimes in the virtual world, there are times when we cannot see what is in front of our eyes. one of them is Yandex advertising. One reason why agencies don't offer Yandex ad service to companies is because they only manage their ads on one channel, and the other is that they don't know about Yandex ads. Let's briefly summarize how processes work when you work with Bilgeweb to advertise Yandex, which is hardly known by agencies,

 First of all, based on the sector you serve, word analysis is done.

At the most appropriate cost, keywords are decided.

Specified words are entered by making necessary efficiency settings.

Reports related to advertising are available at regular intervals.

Find Your Way with Yandex Map

If you are looking for your company on the map, there is no rule that only other search engines will find it on the map. What if  Your customers are only using the Yandex search engine or you can't appeal to anyone trying to find you in Yandex ? The solution is simple; Yandex map registration. send us in detailed company location, name, address information and Yandex map registration will be done immediately.


A reminder: If your website has the address of your company, the approval process will be shorter.