Yandex Map Registration

When people do not know what to do, they try to get help to the extent that they do not have the opportunity. Well,what  if they have a Yandex search engine in their hands?

 What if you haven’t registered a free advertising space with a very high perception ?

If you want them to reach you from all channels, please click "Apply Now" button below.


When you use the Yandex map service, the name or address of your company, as shown in the image on the right, will appear and you will be able to find it. All you have to do is; fill out the short form below and say "Create Record".

Fill in the form, We will contact you!

A one-time service fee of 250$ is charged for companies.**

Find Your Way with Yandex Map

If you are looking for your company on the map, there is no rule that only other search engines will find it on the map. What if  Your customers are only using the Yandex search engine or you can't appeal to anyone trying to find you in Yandex ? The solution is simple; Yandex map registration. send us in detailed company location, name, address information and Yandex map registration will be done immediately.


A reminder: If your company writes the address of your company, the approval process will be shorter.

 The next step in Yandex Map Enrollment is to give your customers an easy way to find your company in Yandex search engine searches.