YouTube Ads

Some things cannot be expressed with words. If it is not possible to feel the warmth of face-to-face, one of the methods of solving it is to shoot a video. If you cannot express your company, choose the way to explain it in more effective ways : Youtube ads. If you want to benefit from the social media and to establish more intimate relationships with your customers, please contact us at the "Apply Now" button below.

How we do?

In our country, the most commonly used social media with 50 million is YouTube. It is the undisputed single video platform that comes to mind when they want to watch something in various areas such as education, entertainment, music ,etc.  How to integrate Youtube with industry-wide advertising is not a big highlight. Let's briefly summarize how processes work with Bilgeweb on YouTube ads:

  • Sectoral vocabulary and video analysis are done by considering your sector.
  • Select the most appropriate video advertising model for your company and determine the appropriate advertising strategy.
  • Filtering, such as location and population, is used to avoid abnormal budgets.
  • An ad will be constructed, payment will be determined with ad-views.
  • With real-time analysis of budget reports, actual real data is delivered to you.
  • If you want to promote your videos in the most efficient way with Bilgeweb's locations and population settings, fill out the short form below and we will contact you.

If you don't have a video yet; We will contact you!

Whom will you reach?

In a country with millions of users, you can spend abnormal budgets if you try to advertise to almost everyone that your industry is addressing. That's why we can determine the audience you want to reach and select the areas of interest to make targeted ads. What are the targeted groups?

Demographic groups: Age, gender, marital statur or  monthly income information etc. is entered.

Detailed demographics: In addition to demographic groups; detailed information including sub-branches such as university students, property owners, marriage candidates are entered.

Areas of interest: Even if pages other than related topics are visited, a selection from a category other than the currently set target can also be selected.

Interested audiences: Increasing brand awareness and perception by matching video ads to users who have an intense interest in targeted topics.

Massive special interest audiences: Thanks to this ad group, advertising can be created by matching your brand ad to more niche audiences.


Reach the Right Customers at the Right Time

There are 50 million active users of social media in Turkey.

55% of them are actively using Youtube.

The time spent on social media in Turkey: 2.5 hours

Reach the Right Customers at the Right Time

There are approx 4 billlion social media users around the world.

55% of them are actively using Youtube

The time spent on social media in the world: 2.5 hours

Where to show your Youtube ads?

After identifying the relevant people and groups that your industry addresses, we show your ad in the most appropriate placements with content targeting methods. In this way, it is ensured that the targeted advertising is created. Let's briefly explain where your videos will be shown with content targeting:

Placements: You can specify the placements of channels, blogs, videos, websites and applications. For example, you can place a certain area of your website with traffic on the home page of another popular website.

In which areas are placements done: Youtube channels, Youtube videos, websites in the Google Display Network, apps on the Google Display Network.

Topics: Provide access to all publishing channels that are relevant to specific topics that you have selected for your video ads. For example, if the "sneaker" topic is selected, your ads will show to anyone watching a video about "sneaker" on Youtube.

Keywords: According to the video ad format, any Youtube video that your target audience is interested in is displayed on the relevant keywords.

Devices: Targeting users connected to computers, mobile devices, smartphones and the smart TV screen.